Award Winning Photographer, Krystal Lamberty, Mount Horeb, WI

International Photographic Competition is done and my results: 3 for 4 merits! This puts me pretty close to earning my master of photography degree!

For those who don't know... This is like a Photographer's Olympics. We've all been working hours and days on these images to get them ready for competition. Some of us begin competing at the state or regional level, then district level, and then to IPC, making adjustments to our entries along the way. Select few will move to the Photographic World Cup. As photographers come together from around the world to compete we are glued to our computers as it’s streaming live online. A panel of professional photographers judge the images on 12 principles, giving it an average score, 80 or above merit. (Like winning a medal!) At IPC, post normal judging, the merited images are judged again to be accepted into the best of the best or "PPA's Loan Collection"  

This is the greatest educational experience a photographer can get.  ‪#‎PPA‬ ‪#‎IPCLive‬ Congrats to all those that entered, you're all so inspiring and I'm so lucky to have so many great friends to compete with.

Here are the 12 PPA principles entries are judged on.

(All photographs © Krystal Lamberty, Silver Tree Studio)
"Autumn Embrace" - PPA General Collection

*portrait photographed with Beautiful Portraits by Michael

 "Biker Bombshell"  - PPA General Collection
"Fresh Cut"  - PPA General Collection
"The Great Escape"

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