The Story of Silver Tree Studio, Mount Horeb, WI.

Ever wonder how a certain business got it's name? We have a whole bunch of stories here at Silver Tree Studio but this is the one we're sharing today.

A quick backstory... The beautiful 9 acres we are located on was once a field worked by my grandparents on their farm. When they quit farming, they split some land off and built their house, then, my grandpa and my dad planted all of the trees on the property. :)

Fast forward a bunch of years...  I was in college finishing up my second Arts degree and planning to go out into the photography world on my own. My grandma was very close to me, I would visit with her and talk with her just about every day. One winter afternoon, when I was trying to find a fitting, original name for the studio... it was right in front of me. Literally.

Grandma and I were sitting at the kitchen table looking out at the trees, chatting about random anything and everything. The trees in the winter are always one of my favorite things, as they were hers. The name came as we sat and watched the trees sway, glistening in the sun, covered in sparkling, silver snow. We commented on how pretty they were, so picturesque. An then the idea was born, Silver Tree Studio. After many other name ideas, this was the only one that felt perfect.

Enjoy just a few of the recent pictures from the Studio's backyard... still living up to the name.




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